do you know star wars

This quiz is about Star Wars. It is kind of easy to get a good score if you watch the movies. But if you look the answers up, that doesn't make you know a lot about Star wars. You're just a cheater.

If you really want a good score, you should watch the movies. Some of the questions involve things alduts might know so you have to ask them what the original movies are and what the prequels are.

Created by: kippityquack
  1. In episode six, does Luke cut of his father's arm? And if so, does he cut it off the same way Darth Vader cuts his arm off in 5
  2. Who destroys the sith and is the chosen one?
  3. In episode four, what droids are being looked for by imperials?
  4. Does Jar Jar binks dye?
  5. Who wins the fight between Yoda and Count Dooku
  6. who is the first person to die in the 3 original movies
  7. In the prequles, who dies first?
  8. Does Finn die in 7?
  9. Does Kylo Ren die
  10. Which is more powerful?

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