Will you be a Clone Trooper

Many people watch star wars, but yet do not understand it.I do not blame you if you do not understand. Still, star wars is a good series of movies, but the clonewars is a little better

Are YOU, thats right,YOU a true clone trooper. Do you have knowledge to be one? You would always wonder, but this new quiz can tell you and help you figure it out!

Created by: Evan
  1. What is the classic clone weapon?
  2. Captain Rex is a______.
  3. A ARC Trooper can_______.
  4. Sith are a clones friend.
  5. Jedi and Sith_______
  6. Jedi kill out of hate
  7. Are there organic chips in clones?
  8. Who is Commander Cow
  9. What are Clone Troopers
  10. Who is Commander cody?

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Quiz topic: Will I be a Clone Trooper