Star Wars Quiz (Original Movies)

Hi! You're about to take this AMAZING quiz about Star Wars!!!! I hope you Enjoy it! You better not cheat and look up the answers, be honest. Hope you do good!

This quiz is about the Original 3 Star Wars movies and a few about the force awakens so you better have watched them before you take this quiz! You don't want to get a 0%

Created by: Taryn
  1. What does Darth Vader say when he tells Luke he is his father?
  2. What planet was Luke raised on?
  3. Where does Yoda live?
  4. What was Finn's StormTrooper name in TheForce Awakens?
  5. Who built C3-PO?
  6. How did Luke get R2-D2?
  7. How did Han Solo die?
  8. What is Chewbacca and what planet did he come from?
  9. What are the the StormTroopers that ride and Speeder Bikes the Return of The Jedi called?
  10. Last Question!!! Who does Rey give the lightsaber to at the end of The Force Awakens?

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