Do you know Sky?

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Do you know the great, all powerful, amzing, aweinspiring, sweet, cool, loving, always victorious, witty, lovely, gracious, beuatiful, and most of all modest Sky? Find out!

I'm so bored... um... bacon? Licorice? Limosine? Ah oh, creepers k.o.? Love bites and so do I? The kids are disco dancing? Sad minion of mine, don't be so unkind?

Created by: SkyKnightWarrior

  1. What's my real name?
  2. What's my favirite color?
  3. How old am I?
  4. What's my favirite food?
  5. Am I a girly or a dude?
  6. What's my favorite band?
  7. My favorite animal is.......
  8. My imaginary freind is.....
  9. I have lost my.....
  10. Am I bored?
  11. Do I hate following norms like saying "did you like this quiz?" At the end of quizzes?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Sky?