how well do you know victorious?

''Super thanks to everyone,Thank you so much for taking my How well do you know victorious quiz,if you scored high well Yipee,Congratulations to you but if you scored low a[no urls] can't win them all but brighten your mood because you can retake the quiz''

Do you know victorious as much as you think?You do love the show and feel that you know everything about it well let's put you to the test because in few minutes time,you will know how much you really, really, really know Victorious...Chao...

Created by: ella enchanted

  1. what type of hair did cat have in season one of victorious?
  2. which song did Tori sing at the karaoke?
  3. who are the frenemies?
  4. what was Tori's birthday gift for Trina?
  5. who was the bone of contempton between Jade and Tori?
  6. In the episode 'The wood',why did Trina and Robbie break the truck guy's hand
  7. In Rex dies,whom killed him?
  8. In the episode 'Jade breaks up with Beck'what did Jade buy for Beck to apologize?
  9. In the episode'Robbarazzi'who gave Robbie the advise?
  10. In 'Begging on your knees for me',who discovered that Tori was being played by Daniel Ryder?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know victorious?