Do you know Naruto

Those of you who watch Naruto should know alot about it. But I took my time to throw together a good quiz. Take it, and i hope you get an A. Make sure you've seen enough Naruto before taking my quiz cause there is a bit of Shippuden in there.

Well are you ready to put your Naruto wisdom to the test? Are you ready to get an A on my quiz? I hope so. So come on and take my test and find out exactly how much you know about Naruto.

Created by: Zaketsu Genkai
  1. Lets start easy. Who is in Naruto's Squad at the beggining of the show?
  2. What demon is trapped inside Naruto?
  3. What do you have to have in order to perform jutsu?
  4. Who is one of the main bad guys?
  5. What is the first Jutsu Naruto learns?
  6. What color is Demon Chakra?
  7. Who is Asuma Sarutobi?
  8. Who is Naruto's Dad?
  9. What is the Nine Tailed Fox's real name?
  10. How old is Naruto at the beggining of the Show?
  11. Lets get a little more advanced. What is Yondaime's real name?
  12. How old is Naruto in Naruto Shippuden?
  13. Who is mainly after Naruto in Shippuden?
  14. Why does Sasuke leave the village?
  15. Finally, what element is Naruto's Chakra?

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