Do You Know London ?

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There are people who know London like there own home. Do you want to know if you are a true londener or are you a fake londener? London is a big place with many roads and people.

Do you know London? Are you someone who knows where they are all the time? Are you one of the people who are always lost and have no hope unless they're at home or have a map? Well it's time to find out if you really know London or if you need a map:]:]

Created by: Rachel x
  1. When was Big Ben built?
  2. What is the total weight of the wheel and capsules?
  3. What road is London Aquarium on?
  4. What did the Romans first call London?
  5. London hosted the first London Olympics in ...
  6. London has over ___ languages spoken within its boundaries.
  7. London has ____ World Heritage Sites.
  8. How is the Mayor of London?
  9. London Heathrow Airport is in ...
  10. Do you love London?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know London ?