Do you know alot about London?

This is a quiz about how much you know about London. This is a great quiz and you will learn, hopefully, alot on my quiz that you thought you would never, ever, know about in your life! Have fun!

Lets see if you can be a true genius on London. Do you know all of the facts? Do you know more about London then I do? Do you ever wanted to know about London? Well, here is your chance!

Created by: Ally

  1. What do they call money in London?
  2. What is Big Ben?
  3. Who is the Queen rite now?
  4. What is the eye?
  5. Why am i gigving a quiz on london?
  6. What is the most famouse palace there?
  7. What is a fomouse statue there?
  8. Do you like this quiz?
  9. What colors are on the flag?
  10. Last question:What was more tragic for london.World way one or two

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Quiz topic: Do I know alot about London?