Do you know how to seduce?

Surely you have heard of Cleopatra,Aphrodite and Angelina Jolie.What do all these women have in common?Their beauty is obvious, however it takes a lot more to gain one's interest .It's called the art of seduction and it's God's given gift to all women.

Do you have what it takes to get the man of your dreams? Do you kow what a guy really likes about a woman and why ? Can you make him go crazy,lavish you with attention? Most importantly,do you know how to seduce? Find out...

Created by: Alexandra

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  1. What colours are predominant in your wardrobe?
  2. What is your ideal first date?
  3. How do you dress to impress someone that you are interested in?
  4. You're going to a dress-up party.What costume are you most likely to wear?
  5. What hit do u feel like dancing to the most?
  6. What meal would you cook your partner?
  7. How would a man best describe you?
  8. Which famous 50-60's actress do you best identify with?
  9. Which contemporary actress do you best identify with?
  10. What car would you see yourself driving?
  11. If you were crazy about someone would you try to steal him even if...
  12. How adventurous are you in bed?
  13. What is your signature scent?
  14. What are your main hobbies?
  15. What would best describe you?
  16. What movie would you want to watch right now?
  17. In your opinion,what's the hottest actor in Hollywood?
  18. What would you most likely do for free?
  19. When i'm in love...
  20. How hard do you work for your looks?
  21. How do you let a guy know that you're interested?
  22. What's your dancing style?
  23. What would you get your partner for his birthday?
  24. Your realationship is getting do you prepare for your first 'night'together?
  25. You meet the man of your dreams but he doesn't really seem keen on you.You..

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Quiz topic: Do I know how to seduce?