Do You Know Fairy Tail(the anime)?

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There are two people in the world- can you guess?(If you guess girl and boy, you are wrong. sorry) The answer is... MANGA AND ANIME!!! Did you guess it?

Anyway, if you have heard about Fairy Tail- the anime- then this quiz is all yours! Enjoy! Oh, by the way, I hope that you don't get a big, fat, zero. And if you do? I'm sorry.

Created by: I'd rather not say
  1. Who is the first character introduced?
  2. What is Lucy's magic?
  3. What is Natsu's magic?
  4. What is Grey's magic?
  5. What is Juvia's magic?
  6. What is Erza's magic?
  7. What is Elfman's magic?
  8. And finally(not really)... ARE YOU EXCITED???
  9. Why did you take the quiz?
  10. And now... FOR YOUR ANSWERS!

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Fairy Tail(the anime)?