How Well Do You Know Fairy Tail?

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Want to know if YOU know about Fairy Tail? Put your knowledge to the test, by completing this quiz and (hopefully) getting a 100%! Best of (love and)luck(y)

Also,if you want to take more quizzes by me, search hogwarts house tests, or unicorn tests! Keep on watching anime, and P.S., you should TOTALLY check out Voltron! Peace out!

Created by: Garchomp
  1. Who is the master of the guild? (easy)
  2. How many REAL dragon slayers are in the Oracion Seis (sry if that's misspelled) arc?
  3. Did Lisanna die?
  4. What is Erza's strongest armor?
  5. Who raised Natsu? (SUUUUUUPER EASY!)
  6. Where is Mavis's grave?
  7. Who was Lucy's first key NOT inherited from her mother?
  8. IN THE MANGA is NaLu cannon?
  9. Who gets beaten in the first round of S-Class trials?
  10. Could Lucy beat BOTH Erza and Natsu?
  11. What is Gildart's last name?
  12. Last Question: Does Godslayer (god- slayer?) magic exist?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Fairy Tail?