Do You Know Ben

Do you wacth Ben 10 . Do you know what this quizzes answers will be give it a shot will you pass or will you fail . Try it out , you might end with an omnitrix and save the world from time to time .

Do you haye the brain to enter this quiz and pass with flying colours? All about our hero Benjamin tennysonand and his 83 aliens. Will you ace this test try it and see.

Created by: swaggranger

  1. Who can cast spells?
  2. Who is Bens strongest alien?
  3. In season 1 episode 11 small problem what alien was it than Ben used to on the slide.
  4. What alien creates a copy of everyone after the anai-alogue activates?
  5. What alien is red but shoots fire?
  6. When does Kevin-11 get his power of giving and taking power?
  7. What is the name of the war between the Bens good vs evil?
  8. What is the first alien on the omnitrix?
  9. True or false is there an Ben with out an omnitrix in Ben 10 omniverse.
  10. How old is Ben when he meet rook?
  11. True or false grampa max a ordinary plumber.
  12. Who is the first alien Ben turns into?
  13. In the episode gwen 10 what do gwen wright in the sky with heatblast.
  14. Who invented the omnitrix?
  15. Is Ben a normal kid with a weard watch?

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