Do You Know Amy Rose Hedghog Well?

THIS IS AN EASY QUIZ. Do you know Amy Rose well? Take this quiz and find out. Amy Rose is awesome. If you hate her you stink. Well try my quiz. Comment rate ok.

Do you know Amy Rose well? Try my Quiz and see. This quiz is easy for most, but tough for the haters. By the way I HATE ANTI AMY ROSE PEOPLE SO DON'T COMMENT mean stuff about her.

Created by: saralee123
  1. WHAT color is Amy?
  2. Who does she love?
  3. What color is her dress?
  4. What color are her eyes?
  5. How old is she?
  6. What does she fight with?
  7. What's her team called in games?
  8. What's her hair like?
  9. Does Sonic love her?
  10. Amy's dress is...

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