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  • not sure haha XD I take this quiz just to find out

    DaikonSalad Aug 3 '16, 6:53PM
  • I took this quiz and I check to see if I do have a split personality ( Which I do..) and I find it stupid that they want you to go to the doctor to get help. I get people have paranoid issues and can't control themselves cause the multiple personalities (depends on who they are.) but seriously it just who you are inside. I have it too but I am happy on who I am, and I was glad that I do, this shows this is who I am. You should be happy on who you are, don't listen to this quiz if it tells you to go to the doctor unless you know you do need to. But if your personalities are like mine and not really that bad, then don't listen to this quiz.

    AngelCynder May 24 '16, 12:49AM
  • I do have MPD, my doctor said I have 8 different Personalities.
    My doctor said I should try not to use the 7th one because it's mentally unstable (I like to call him Liu) and the rest are fine and may need medication to control.
    But according to this quiz it says I am fully out of control, Lol.

    iYukayyo May 21 '16, 10:46AM
  • 93% ... I've been in therapy for over six years. She doesn't use the word "crazy" ... I do.

    wampum Oct 17 '15, 4:16PM
  • It's all becoming clear to me... Or is it? (I'm serious though)

    ebaby001 Oct 5 '15, 3:22AM
  • 86% I was just curious kinda okay honestly sometimes I don't know if this has anything to do with it but I switch my style and hair cut a lot and some times I'm like why did I even get this and some times I just want to wear a hat but then I think it was a good I idea I thought getting a neck piercing was a good idea yeah not a good idea

    DelilialChill Aug 14 '15, 10:48PM
  • wow 93% i thought i did but had never had it confirmed or looked at before this is a big change in how i look at things

    elsbeth9080 Jun 22 '15, 2:46PM
  • 85% oh crap.

    Diego Gonzalez May 22 '15, 4:57PM
  • 86% whoops

    heavydirtysoul May 13 '15, 8:40PM
  • omg 98%

    Charlyie Feb 21 '15, 6:09PM
  • Wow, 93% really? I do have mpd

    amani Feb 20 '15, 6:37AM
  • I Have MPD According To Who Ever Made This Quiz.They May Not Be Totally Accurate........... ......

    Kiersten 1D Aug 27 '14, 6:00PM
  • MPD.. Wow...Now that I think about it, it explains a lot of stuff. o.O

    cazzygamer Aug 13 '14, 7:57AM
  • No 76%

    chocolatefrog Aug 12 '14, 10:45AM
  • 82% yes. Accurate enough - I do have MPD, found that out sometime ago. Interesting quiz.

    Scuttlist Aug 12 '14, 9:43AM
  • I don't have it..Phew! Well, the quiz is not TOTALLY accurate..But most likely I don't have it..

    EmeraldBeem Aug 11 '14, 7:29PM
  • I do NOT have MPD. YAY

    missmaghdaa Mar 11 '14, 1:39AM

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