Do you have Multiple Personality Disorder

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Multiple Personality Disorder is a condition where the individual expresses at least two different identities or personalities that manifest at different times. This is considered a dissociative illness by psychologists.

Do you have MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder)..? Take this quiz and find out, but remember it's not a diagnosis (Go to a doctor for that). Without further delay, the questions are below:

Created by: Ricky
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  1. Do you suffer from depression?
  2. Do you have mood swings, and do you remember them?
  3. Do you have suicidial thoughts, or/and attempts?
  4. Do you have any sleep disorders like: Insomnia, Sleepwalking, Night terrors
  5. Do you have anxiety, panic attacks, and/or phobias?
  6. Any alcohol/drug abuse?
  7. Do you have/do: Compulsions (acting without control, impulse...)-sometimes- Rituals
  8. Any psychotic-like symptoms? (including auditory and visual hallucinations) -3D shadows no one else sees- -Whispering voices no one else hears-
  9. Eating changes. -In appetite (How hungry you usually are) -In choices -etc
  10. Do you have amnesia? (You forget things)
  11. Time lapses or Blackouts. (Time goes by, and you don't remember being there during it.)
  12. People you don't know say hi to you by your name/a different name, and claim to not be confused. (Are persistent in saying they know you)
  13. Do people tell you you act different at times. (Personality-wise)
  14. Do you experience strong headaches, migraines more often than average?
  15. Do you go into trances?
  16. Do you ever find yourself doing things you normally wouldn't do? Like reckless driving, or stealing money from their employer or friend, yet they feel they are being compelled to do it. (As if you were being controlled)
  17. Do you have contradicting thoughts? Like wanting to remain chaste forever, and wanting to "sell you body" at the same time.
  18. Are you scared/have anything against sexual intercourse?
  19. Do you have unexplained changes in sleeping patterns?
  20. Changes in functioning levels, from highly efficient to nearly disabled.
  21. Have you been accused of lying although you think you aren't lying?
  22. Have you ever looked in the mirror and not recognized yourself? (Not like a bad day... like your body is different from what you expected.... different eye color etc..)
  23. Have you ever been awake, but it feels like things aren't real... (Like a dream)

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