Do You Have Biblical Morals?

It is often said that morality comes from the bible, or that it contains parables about morality that should guide us today. But do you really understand the moral precepts of this Bronze Age book? Have you read the bible cover to cover and actually thought about the contents?

If not, it might be time to open the bible and look. To help motivate you, I've prepared this quiz so that you can see if your morals are in line with those in the bible. Enjoy!

Created by: Jim Pyle

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  1. Two strangers visit your home, and you are kind enough to provide them with accommodations for the night. They tell you they are angels appearing on behalf of the Lord. However, later in the evening, an angry mob turns up seeking to sodomize your guests. Do you:
  2. Your elementary school child discovers that she can get your attention by using profanity. In a fit of rage, she directs a stream of profanity at you that would make a sailor blush. Do you:
  3. If you buy a Hebrew servant, how many years must he serve?
  4. If, during the tenure of your slave, you provide him with a wife who bears his children, what happens to the wife and children after the slave has served his term?
  5. If you sell your daughter as a servant, how many years must she serve?
  6. Which is the worst?
  7. Your next-door neighbor is a nurse that works weekends in the emergency room of the local hospital so that she can care for her children during the week while her husband is at work. When you notice that she works every Sunday, should you:
  8. Your son has a nasty skin disease forming. You fear it is spreading. Should you:
  9. You are with your family at the county fair, and you notice a fortune telling booth. Should you:
  10. A gay couple buys the dilapidated home next door and remodels it. When they move in, should you:
  11. You are at a toga party with your wife, and you have a bit too much to drink. You start arguing with another guest, and the argument comes to blows. Your opponent knocks you to the ground, jumps on top of you, and continues beating you senseless. Your wife comes to your aid, grabs your opponent by the testicles, and pulls him off of you. Should you:
  12. What is the best way to curry favor with the Lord?

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Quiz topic: Do I Have Biblical Morals?