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  • Uh, some of these weren't even ethics questions, they were questions that had exact ANSWERS and not OPINIONS, but this quiz isn't going to be accurate regardless because of this. I would also plan on including WAY more next time, so you can have an equal balance between many different texts. Sorry if this offends you, but you thinking you can omit every "good" part to try and get others to see your point of view is just as annoying as a Christian omitting every "bad" part to get you to see it from their point of view. Please just accept that there are good things and bad things about. . .oh, everything, and be a little more objective next time. You might not come off as rude if you do that.

    ForeverSurrender Mar 18 '16, 3:39AM
  • I am shocked that you did not have a question whose answer is in 2 Kings 2:23-24!

    DavidForthoffer Jan 12 '16, 10:30PM
  • This quiz is obviously created by an atheist. You should really read the New Testament. The word "testament" actually means agreement. God gave us all those laws, and "The wages of sin is death." God is perfect and He HATES sin. He knew we couldn't keep all His laws. He looked down from heaven and had compassion on us. God became a man, and suffered a terrible death so that we could be free. When you accept that sacrifice as perfect and complete, God sees Christ's perfection in you. We are no longer under the old covenant with all it's curses and death penalties. We are living in a new covenant with Jesus Christ. Have a nice day:)

    Camelia Dec 29 '14, 3:22PM
  • All of my morals does come from the bible, perhaps you should try reading all of it and not just the old testament but the new testament as well. Surely you will find that morals comes from the bible and having a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ will keep you on the right path.

    slegister May 15 '14, 2:29PM
  • This quiz is terrible!
    You no longer have to sacrifice things to the Lord! Jesus died for us and put himself in his place!
    This quiz is right off!
    I am a Christian btw :)

    lovehorses99 Sep 26 '13, 4:25AM
  • I think you're forgetting quite a few passages from the Bible, including the greatest commandment of all, which is loving God and loving others as ourselves (Matthew 22:36-40).

    Cate Palantir Sep 23 '13, 6:12PM
  • Ugh. This is ridiculous. It is quite clearly made by an atheist to spread their views that we should judge people by their faith. I am a Christian, and still got 0%, because of the Golden Rule: love God and others as yourself. This is explicitly said to supersede any other command, so no command which goes against it holds up, including most in the Old Testament. Another point to make is that, while the Ten Commandments are explicitly given by God, the others are generally interpreted as being given by elders of the time: given this, they have little more authority than ancient legislation, and certainly shouldn't be taken as fixed rules from God.

    Liberal Eejit Sep 7 '13, 10:54AM
  • I got 17.

    I used to be Christian but then I saw what the bible really said. It was evil. This quiz is right on.

    Immortal7777 Aug 11 '13, 3:28AM
  • The Bible pretty much invalidates itself as any type of moral compass. You can't exactly use it as a hallmark of ethics, and then blow off all the atrocities it condones. It comes back to the old circular logic. The book is the word of God because the book says it is. Too many other books out there profess the same thing. I, for one, prefer to think for myself. And I am not distressed to say I scored a 0%.

    beathinker57 Sep 13 '12, 1:07PM
  • I'm a Christian, I got 0%, and I found this quiz hilarious. The thing is, all Christians, including myself, are guilty of "picking and choosing" which parts of the Bible to follow. If we didn't pick and choose, we'd be living in the same type of twisted society that existed over 2,000 years ago.

    rdhaley Jul 5 '12, 7:48PM
  • I got a full 100%. And I can't help but laugh at these Christians trying to defend their "Holy Book". You say God doesn't change, so neither should his rules. That means that the old testamment still applies since you guys believe in Objective Morality. Lawls, I love an Atheist beat Christians at Biblical Morals.

    DemonCB Jun 13 '12, 3:05PM
  • I wonder how many of you realise that "he who is without sin shall cast the first stone" (paraphrased) means that they should throw the first stone of many that will stone the person to death... LOL. f---ing idiots.

    Atheist Mar 6 '12, 6:37PM
  • I got 92%, time to sacrifice me some children to the Lord, yeehaw!

    Atheist Mar 6 '12, 6:36PM
  • 0% lol yes yes, I am a heathen.

    greanor Mar 4 '12, 4:19AM
  • Well, I got 83% so I pretty much know the Bible. Have to, if I'm going to argue with "true believers". The fact is that all these deal with laws that are in the Old Testament. That was obvious from the questions. Christians ought to know the Old ans well as the New.

    Don't forget that before 1865, slave owners argues that owning slaves was permitted by the Bible, i.e., "The Word of God". According to the story, Cain's offering to God of produce of the fields instead of an animal didn't please God very much; that was the reason he killed Abel -- jealousy. I could go on and on.

    I was taught in Sunday School that we were supposed to believe in both testaments. By the way, I'm 100% heathen, too.

    motibutton Feb 19 '12, 2:50PM
  • I got 8 percent which confirms what I already know. I am a sinner and hopelessly lost without Jesus, so it's ALL GOOD. Lighten up people. He's just trying to get a rise out of people.

    Feona68 Feb 5 '12, 8:15AM
  • WTF?!? That's all i have to say.

    Firey_Soul Jan 8 '12, 6:13PM
  • Wow. The stupidity of atheists never stops to amaze me. They always pretend to know everything better and be morally superior, while not even realizing, that these aren't christian morals. The questions are about morals from the old testament, which is superseded by the new testament, so most of these don't apply anymore since 2000 years.

    Peter567 Dec 28 '11, 9:12PM
  • That's one of the main reasons why even if there was logical proof of Jehovah's existance, I would still not worship him. In the bible, he's portrayed as pretty much the most unethical character in all fiction.

    KissOfDoom Dec 27 '11, 10:17AM
  • That's one of the main reasons why even if there was logical proof of Jehovah's existance, I would still not worship him. In the bible, he's portrayed as pretty much the most unethical character in all fiction.

    KissOfDoom Dec 27 '11, 10:16AM
  • There's some great information on the real Christianity. Google: got questions

    ADT Jul 29 '11, 6:53PM
  • Leona Jane says:
    Well, I'm shock when I got 0%, but that's just my outer feeling, why? For me God loves me so much, and I know I got a perfect points in heaven. I do believe that Bible is the source of all knowledge and whoever do not believe in it thou shall perish, but indeed some have wrong interpretation, Jesus, whose story was written in the New Testament fulfills the Old Testament and not only that He even explain it... well i don't feel bad as long as He's there, nothing is lacking in me...

    Child of Jesus Jun 22 '11, 8:32PM

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