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  • Bravo!

    I got 100%, I am a moral Christian. When will we change our laws to be in line with the bible, afterall we are a Christian nation. Since I am a Christian and I believe in the bible, I believe we need to bring "stoning" back as a way to get rid of sinners such as teenagers who talk back to their parents, new wifes who are proven to not be a virgin, anyone who believes in other religions. I also want to have myself a few concubines on the side.

  • I got a full 100%. And I can't help but laugh at these Christians trying to defend their "Holy Book". You say God doesn't change, so neither should his rules. That means that the old testamment still applies since you guys believe in Objective Morality. Lawls, I love an Atheist beat Christians at Biblical Morals.

  • Wow. The stupidity of atheists never stops to amaze me. They always pretend to know everything better and be morally superior, while not even realizing, that these aren't christian morals. The questions are about morals from the old testament, which is superseded by the new testament, so most of these don't apply anymore since 2000 years.

  • Uhh... you completely dragged that out of context of the first testament. If you are to truly answer these questions use appropriate versus in the bible. For example, "He who has not sinned shall cast the first stone."

    Everbody has sinned at least once. So, technically you can't stone them to death. Also, "love thy neighbor as thyself.." you can pretty much guess where i'm coming from with that one... you my friend... did not make the brightest quiz....

    Brianna Alden
  • I really don't understand the motive of providing false implications of the already fuzzy subject of the Bible to the majority of the American population via quiz. Here's my simple response to Homer:

    How do you feel about the drafts that took place in our nations past wars. The chance that we would have lost these wars without the drafts is quite high.

    But in times of peace and small conflict, we don't consider the draft to be necessary. Try as you might, you, nor I, will ever possess the panoramic picture of human life and time as God does. It's incredibly easy to pick out bits and pieces of the Bible apart and make them seem incredibly evil and contradictory, but when you actually look at it through the ever-elusive lens of CONTEXT, the truth becomes much more apparent, or at least understandable.

    In the end, the points you make, and the ideas in the quiz are no different than if I were to examine our country's history and only observe the incredible amount of men that were forced to fight and die for their country. Without context, intelligent comprehension is impossible with anything. Including the Bible

    You're vain attacks on the Bible are futile and utterly useless. If you have so much hatred and energy put it towards something useful. Love somebody. Help someone instead of using all of your energy for patronization and hindrance of your brothers and sisters.

  • Actually, pretty sure that Paul forbid sxual immorality. Largely due to the Roman paganistic use of sexual fetishes, including, in this case, homosexuality.

    J esus did say that he was not going to revoke the law of the Old Testament, however, who had to follow the OT? Jews. Ergo, Messianic Jews are still held to what of the OT applies (killing a non-christian, or even a christian for any sin is not 'loving them as you love yourself' Jesus' great commandment regarding others), while non-Jews, who have no ties to the OT can disregard what is not relevant. I eat bacon frequently, I have no Jewish ancestry on which to apply OT law.

    Also, when one says 'Biblical' morals, one must remember that the NT supercedes the OT, both are part of the whole, but the NT laws of loving, acceptance, and forgiveness (as Jesus did to us) will apply always above any law stated in the OT.

    Der Erlkoening
  • More from mobius_thought:
    "Hate speech is okay, in the form of a quiz?"

    Yes. Hate speech is ALWAYS okay, even if it makes the speaker look like an idiot. Speech of any kind should never, ever, ever be restricted. "Hate" speech is ridiculous; it's just speech, and you have the option of not reading it/not listening to it if it offends you. You do not have the option of telling others they have no right to speak up, no matter what their opinions may be.

    "Oh, and I ESPECIALLY the love the comments berating Christians for not reading the Bible,"

    That's because most Christians haven't read the Bible--at least, not all of it. Think I'm kidding? Ask every Christian you know whether they've read the Bible cover to cover before, and then quiz them on some of its obscurities. See how familiar they are with it. You might be surprised by the results.

    "Get a life, and start defining yourselves by what you're in favor of, not what you're opposed to."

    Okay. I'm in favor of

  • Well, SOMEBODY didn't read past Deuteronomy. What are you thinking?

    I kindly suggest you read the New Testament, particularly the Gospel of Luke. You might realize that Jesus disagreed with stoning and animals sacrifices, which ARE NO LONGER NECESSARY ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE, and that he came "not to condemn the world, but to save it."

    Seriously. If you decide to spread propaganda about somebody else's religion, please do your research first.

  • I'm a Christian, I got 0%, and I found this quiz hilarious. The thing is, all Christians, including myself, are guilty of "picking and choosing" which parts of the Bible to follow. If we didn't pick and choose, we'd be living in the same type of twisted society that existed over 2,000 years ago.

  • True, if my parents had not been Christian, I probably wouldn't be either. But as it stands, thats what I have as a basis for religion. I believe in God and Jesus, but I also believe that I should have virtues for the sake of the virtues themselves, not to try and gain God's favor, or wheedle my way into heaven, or to show what a good christian I am....But because it is the right thing to do. If i'm not mistaken, its not even morality that gets someone into heaven anyway - its grace. So why would I even bother with virtues at all? For the same reasons that those of you who are atheist do.

    To be honest, if God asked me of my own free will to commit some act of atrocity, I doubt I could go through with it, because in that respect - I value people over God. :( Sorry God. If that makes me a bad christian, then so be it. I'll answer to God for that when the time comes.

    In the mean time, to the atheists out there looking for imperfections in christian morality: don't do it. Pointing out the flaws in other people doesn't prove your intellectual and moral superiority. Quite frankly, it makes you an a--hole. To the christians out there: If someone doesn't want to hear about the word of God, stop trying to force them. Andstop being abrasive to atheists just because they don't share the same belief as you. You should love people reguardless of whether someone commanded it or not. >:( Nothing bothers me more than rude christians.

    Six Fingers
  • In answer to the question where does it say the new testament supercedes the old testament.... Jesus said it. He said he didn`t come to invalidate the old testament but to finnish it. The old testament is the default for those who languish in adams lineage. The new testament is the law of faith for those who escape the predestination of adams lineage through being reborn into Jesus lineage by Gods grace through the believers faith.

  • This quiz is amazing :). I'm an atheist, and for a while I've wondered why people who claim to be "christians" no little about the bible in reality. It contains countless savagery horror that in todays society would probably be outlawed.

    I guess America is a land of bible owners, not bible readers.

  • Unfortunately, many "christians" still hold many of these old testament beliefs, essentially denying the new testament and message of the mesiah. It is sad but the commandment to "love your neighbor" is much lower on the totem pole than the hate messages of Deuteronomy, Judges, When will we ever learn?

  • To all who are trying to defend the Bible by trying to argue the doesn't-really-appl y-any-more-ness of the OT because NT supersedes/invalida tes/makes it OK to ignore/etc. the OT: Even if what you said were accepted as true, it still would make half the Bible very much so "errant", even if we accept *all* of the NT "inerrant", unfallible word of God. So that would leave us with a book, who in its *entirety* is supposed to be the inerrant, infallible word of God, whose first half is filled with nonsensical, downright evil, and very much illegal by today's standards.

    So, did God screw up the first part of the Bible, and he had to revise it with the NT? If so, he is not infallible, and screws up just like you and I do. That in itself makes it much more likely that some *human(S)* wrote it to sucker a bunch of people in. If you claim that OT was appropriate in the historical context, we'd have to swallow the idea that there was a time when God *did* condone slavey, second-class treatmen

  • All of my morals does come from the bible, perhaps you should try reading all of it and not just the old testament but the new testament as well. Surely you will find that morals comes from the bible and having a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ will keep you on the right path.

  • satans_right_hand_m an:

    "Somebody please quote from the New Testament where it says "all that bad stuff in the Old Testament is superseded by this new material."

    The simplest answer is Mark 14:24: "This cup is the new covenant of my blood." (It's the Last Supper, upon which the Christian ritual of Holy Communion is based.) The "old stuff" you're referring to is the old covenant, the Mosaic law. If you have the new covenant, the old covenant is unnecessary.

    So yeah, it's in there. Of course, one can debate whether it means what everybody thinks it means, and, indeed, whether or not the book of Mark is anything more than fiction, but it is there.

  • Down, boy! Are you actually threatening me? That is a criminal offense, and if you are in a different state than I am, it is a federal offense. If push came to shove, there's a good chance they can find you through your ISP, and we would see who would welcome whom.

  • OH! And FOR the record, ancient Israel was the VERY FIRST nation on record to enforce racial AND gender equality. Feel free to google "Both you and the stranger with you" for a few of the many instances of the phrase.

  • This is an abolutely rediculous quiz. Of course the answers you'd give today wouldn't be like in Biblical times. This stuff happened in the Old Testiment, I knew all the "right" answers, but after Jesus came, in the New Testiment everything changed--He came to save us from our sins, and we live now by His grace, not the law of the Old Testiment.

  • That's one of the main reasons why even if there was logical proof of Jehovah's existance, I would still not worship him. In the bible, he's portrayed as pretty much the most unethical character in all fiction.

  • That's one of the main reasons why even if there was logical proof of Jehovah's existance, I would still not worship him. In the bible, he's portrayed as pretty much the most unethical character in all fiction.

  • Either A: this person was making this quiz for laughs and commentary attention, or B this person really is quite twisted in the head, lol. I'm atheist but spiritual in some ways, and this just made me laugh.

  • This quiz perfectly demonstrates why I am an atheist. The christian cult is extremely dangerous because people do believe that the bible is true. If you must worship an imaginary thing, the easter bunny would be much safer!

  • It is so sad that so many people have been brainwashed into believing this book. They are so deluded and in denial, they can't see how completely ludicrous their whole religion is. It would be funny if it wasn't so damaging to society.

  • WTF?!?! I got 0%! and im a Christian!!! this quiz is mainly based off what God told the jews to do and the Old Testament, not what Jesus said and the New Testsment. Jesus condemned "eye for eye, tooth for tooth". What you are saying is not the way we should be. I suggest next time you actually get your facts straight!!!

    Christs Child

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