do you have beautiful words

people like shakes spear and other famouse people have a way with words. sometimes in such a way we think thier speaking another language. anywho see if you have that what they've got in this tes

do you have a way with words. way oh in such a way we cannot understand you sometimes because its like your speaking in a speacial way type of way with words. well you can figure it out just by taking this tes

Created by: mya403

  1. when i say wond what do you think
  2. when i say tooth what do you think of
  3. whe n i say plant you tihnk of
  4. when i say beach you think
  5. okay the rest is ranom but will still count okay ?
  6. toes
  7. soup
  8. food
  9. rate
  10. comment

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Quiz topic: Do I have beautiful words