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  • That's side all I could feel was pleasure but it's a rare sign for it to show up.
    When my sides come together I feel a lil insane.

    MnMlove2248 Aug 10 '18, 8:54PM
  • I also have this thing we're I feel absolute pleasure and I say thing's that are really mature like I said one to someone who awoken this feeling I forget ..... You wish you could come over to my house only if if I could park you outside. Something like that .....

    MnMlove2248 Aug 10 '18, 8:51PM
  • I'm so Sensitive to thing's Maybe this is why it takes long to think an awnser someone or do my work descions it's probably why people thought I was slow I also use 50% left and right of my brain it can be hard in Math it always this now I got Geometry

    MnMlove2248 Aug 10 '18, 8:44PM
  • I am 86% Split Personality
    Should of known my bright side takes over alot
    My dark side agrees with my bright side sometimes when
    They can't decide it's difficult,always with my feelings also
    With tough situtations.(Sigh) I already have OCD and a learning disability.

    MnMlove2248 Aug 10 '18, 8:40PM
  • 73% split Between Angel And Demon Side I'm sometimes in control sometimes I'm not Which is true Because sometimes i have a mental battle with my self and sometimes don't remember what i did next day.

    Twopennycurve60 Mar 25 '15, 7:25AM
  • 68% I didn't see that coming.

    Diego Gonzalez Mar 10 '15, 4:32PM
  • 42% dark side is a pain

    pat2 May 19 '14, 5:34PM
  • Yes, im split person ._.

    Nurulthewerewolf Jan 7 '14, 8:31PM
  • What the hell! 95%?!?!?!?

    XxSophiacxX Nov 16 '12, 7:17AM
  • No I do not!! You idiot, shut up!!!! NO, YOU ARE THE IDIOT!!!!!!!

    Emogirl15 Jan 20 '12, 6:28PM
  • It is true, I have a split personality. *sigh*

    Liz456 Feb 24 '11, 7:33PM

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