Do you have a CRUSH?

Their are a lot of people in this world but is their one just for you some one cool but funky fresh someone you daydream of only them .You start getting nervos around

Some may call it a "crush" but could it be more or less or you don't know how to feel about them well then ask yourself "DO YOU HAVE A CRUSH ON "them find out

Created by: Arely of Quizzes 101
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  1. Have you been noticing yourself taking to a person you would never talk to?
  2. When you talk to this person does it make you blush or intrested in what they are saying?
  3. Do your friends ship you with them?
  4. Do you dream about them?
  5. can you see other friends hangout with them?
  6. Do you follow him on every soicl media app?
  7. Do you see all their latest tweets?
  8. Do you wish you can be in their group
  9. Would you buy them prest for their b-day
  10. Do you wear fancy clothing for them?

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Quiz topic: Do I have a CRUSH?