Do you have a cold?

So... You're not sure if you have a cold, and you want to know? Well, you have come to the correct place, my friend. Just answer these questions correctly and you'll have a accurate answer.

So... DO you have a cold? Is your nose runny? Do you always have an urge to cough? Answer these questions to see if you have one. Remember, colds don't last forever, so if your score is bad, don't worry!

Created by: Spinny

  1. Do you have a sort of burning feeling in your nose or/and throat?
  2. When you swallow, does it feel sore deep in your throat?
  3. Is your nose always stuffed or/and really runny? Do you have to get up a lot to blow your nose?
  4. Do you always have an urge of coughing?
  5. Do you have to sneeze a lot?
  6. Do you usually feel tired and are your muscles sort of sore?
  7. Could you barely talk? Or does it seem that it's hard to talk as loud?
  8. Take your temperature... Is your temperature more than 98?
  9. Do you think you have a cold?
  10. Do you sort of have a headache?
  11. Do you just feel rather horrible?
  12. Thanks for taking the quiz! I hope you do not have a bad cold!

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Quiz topic: Do I have a cold?