Do you have a 5th grade AVERAGE???

There are a lot of geniuses and a lot of dumb people. I am looking for those differnt people. You want to know a actual genius is? It's somone who has, skill, memory and brains and a CLEVER mind and look at different point of views.

DO YOU HAVE A FIFTH GRADE AVERAGE? Do YOU have the memory and brainpower of fifth grader? You can now kno in just a COUPLE of MINUTES! Take this quiz and test your skillz!!

Created by: C.S
  1. Who is Charles Cornwallis?
  2. How many Sides does a HEXAGON have?
  3. In a Open Ended Question you can only get a 6 out of 6 by...
  4. GOLD is..
  5. Where can a DIAMOND be found?
  6. What TEST does a fifth grader take?
  7. How many SIDES does a OCTAGON have?
  8. What did Ben Franklin help with elctricity wise, other then create it?
  9. When was the Revolutionary War?
  10. What was YOUR favorite middle school grade?

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Quiz topic: Do I have a 5th grade AVERAGE???