Do You Deserve To Be Alive?

There are many people in the world . Some people are bad and some people are good . So people are in medium . Some people cares about others and some people are not. You should love the world

Do You Deserve To Be Alive? You may want to know . Take this quiz to find out . Are you good enough to be alive? Or are you bad as hell? Don't waste too much time. Let's start

Created by: Donotdisturb
  1. Answer honestly to get accurate result.
  2. Are you a suicidal?
  3. Are you good at making new friends?
  4. Do you love the world?
  5. Do you believe in god?
  6. Do you love the nature?
  7. Do you love people?
  8. What mood are you in right now?
  9. Do you hate gays/lesbians/bisexuals?
  10. Do you have good manners?
  11. Don't be upset if you scored low

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Quiz topic: Do I Deserve To Be Alive?