Do You Deserve a Horse/Pony?

Have you ever wanted something? Something that you have spent your whole life trying to get, But to no avail. And yet, You still dream. Something that makes you feel safe, More safe than you feel in your parents' arms. More safe than anything, Both alive, And not, Could make you. Something that you think about, Every moment, Of every day, And night. Something that your heart aches for, And keeps you awake, Into the night hours, When you have doubtful thoughts. Something that you have been told that you can't have, But you still yearn for it, Feeling warm tears stream, From your red eyes. Something that you pretend to have, With models and computer programs, But nothing seems to be able to feed your soul, The warmth that it craves. Something that you love so much, That you know that you were meant to have it. Still, You have to live without it. Something that heals, And hurts. Every moment spent with it is heaven, But every moment without it couldn't be worse. Something that drifts into your dreams, And fills you with bliss, Until you wake, And feel your heart crumble again. Something that is buried so deeply into you, That it is a part of you, And without it, You die inside

Is this thing... a horse? Horses are amazing, majestic creatures with diverse personalities and traits. So many undeserving people end up with a horse that they don't care about. Yet, others wait for the day when they will have their dream horse. Do you deserve a horse of your own?

Created by: Rachel
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  1. How many horse posters do you have on your bedroom walls?
  2. Do you ever dream about owning a horse?
  3. Do you daydream about horses?
  4. Have you ever ridden a horse?
  5. Do you ever draw horses?
  6. You are about to go riding and the most popular kid in school shows up. They ask if you can come to the movies with them. What do you say?
  7. Have you ever burst into tears when thinking about how badly you want a horse?
  8. If you were to get a horse, how would you react?
  9. How long have you wanted a horse?
  10. Do you have virtual horses on Howrse, Ponybox, or similar websites?

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Quiz topic: Do I Deserve a Horse/Pony?