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  • what you said in the beginning? i don't know how you capture so exactly how i feel. i write and write, but my pretty words do nothing to ease the pain. i live for horses but they are the one thing i cannot love is equine, but the cold harsh reality of money is a barrier few can cross. i understand how it is but i cannot accept it without an inner battle. i am forced to live without one of the things i love most in life for something that shouldn't matter. my every thought leads back to those noble creatures yet i cannot think about them without anguishing over not having a life with them. the one thing i want most is denied to me.a life with horses. that is all i ask. not two hours a week 3 seasons a year. people say do what makes you happy. they say don't ever let anything get in the way of following your dreams. but they don't know that for some people, dreams cost too much. im not some brat who insists when it can't happen. i know we can't afford it. bt it is my one passion that i cannot live without. horses healed the pain of people and being a teenager. but what will mend the wound of being torn from horses. they have stolen my soul, made it so i could never let them go.i cannot afford my dream but i cannot let it go. it is an anchor tied to me and i know i am going to sink but i can't let go. i told myself never to love horses so much. but here i am. tearing out my soul in agony. thank you for dharing your pain.

  • Yes! I want a horse desperately, they're just so expensive...

  • Yes... I used to cry myself to sleep. But now I have my Doodlebug, so I'm happy!

  • Yes! Well, duh...but they are SO DARN EXPENSIVE I hate life


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