Another very hard World History Test

I could bet my life on this, no person alive could get all of them correct, it is just one crazy test, one of a kind, interesting, over the top... The highest score registrated, 40%, can u do it better?

You can try, of course, but you won't get an A on this one, you think you deserve that College Diploma hanging on your mom's wall, come on!! Try to prove it to the world, get a flat C

Created by: Junes the Loones
  1. FILL IN THE BLANK SPACES CHOSING THE CORRECT ANSWER: "________ was elected King of Bohemia and Hungary following the death of ________"
  2. Choose the option that shows the year of the war between the Franco-Prussian and the Second French Empire, fighting both to control Germany.
  3. In which century happened to Indonesia it's GOLDEN AGE?
  4. Who is M. Karamchand G. ?
  5. Name the horse that Napoleon rode?
  6. Which treaty joined together England and Scotland?
  7. Who of the following was one of Romulus and Remus birth parents?
  8. Belzebuth, Azazel, Eurynome and Ipes, are some particular and special characters that can be found on this person's master piece.
  9. Battle of Gettysburg happened in this Country
  10. And last, but no least... There's a mistake on one of the previous questions, which one would it be?

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