Do you deserve a phone

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Do you really want a phone, and want to show your parent that you are responsible for a phone. Then this is the perfect test for you. After this test if you get a low score try to get good grades and try to persuade your parents your self.

This should be the test for you because, if you want a phone and know that your parents will say no, you could just take the test and maybe prove them wrong. I hope after this you get a high score and get that phone!

Created by: Juana jenikins

  1. Do you really want a phone?
  2. Are you responsible for your expensive stuff?
  3. Can your parents afford a phone?
  4. Do you help your parents?
  5. If you had the choice to have a phone or have unlimited food supply. Which would you pick(only one )
  6. If you get a phone do you think it is going to change your behavior or grades?
  7. Will you protect you phone?
  8. Do you think having a phone will change your grades
  9. Will you be addicted to your phone?
  10. Do you think you did a good job for this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Do I deserve a phone