Do You Believe in God?

Well, I created this quiz at about 2:52 AM. That's because I'm curious to see what do you guys believe in, or what you don't. Anyways, I had fun creating and preparing this quiz, hope you take. Or not. It's up to you really,

Are YOU a believer? Do you have what it takes to be a messiah? Do you like bagels? What is your favorite color? All of that, and more, probably somewhere else on the internet..

Created by: William
  1. How often do you pray?
  2. How often do you go to any type of church, or religious meeting?
  3. Have you ever sat down and just stopped doing everything you were doing just so that you could think about, or perhaps imagine the existence of an all-powerful being(god)?
  4. Do you accept the idea that you could just die and vanish forever?
  5. Do you think you could live with the fact that death is permanent?
  6. Have you ever experienced or witnessed any supernatural activity?
  7. If you lost everything that you ever cared or care about, would you consider praying?
  8. If you were supposed to choose between an unlimited honey o's cereal cache or god, and you could only choose one, for a hypothetical eternity, witch one you choose?
  9. Would you read a religious 800 paged book?
  10. Finally, the question we've all been waiting for... Drums please![turururUM] Do you believe in god??

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Quiz topic: Do I Believe in God?