How tall will you be as an adult (guys 9-16)?

You see, people want to know how tall they are going to be. It's a long debated subject. And while there are super accurate online calculators, this is definitely the most accurate.

So, let's get going. Let's dive into the realm of prediction and future-creating. Start preparing yourself. This is gonna be a bumpy ride! Have fun on it.

Created by: derpy boi
  1. Well, first of all, Let's get your height. Most of these questions won't apply to you, but answer the ones that do. If you are 9 or 10, how tall are you?
  2. How tall are you if you are 11?
  3. How tall are you if you are 12?
  4. How tall are you if you are 13?
  5. How tall are you if you are 14?
  6. How tall are you if you are 15?
  7. How tall are you if you are 16?
  8. How tall is your mom?
  9. How tall is your dad?
  10. Are your family members tall?
  11. Here's the thing. If you are malnourished or exposed to serious pollution, your adult height could go down. Subtract an inch from the final result if this applies to you. Got it?

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Quiz topic: How tall will I be as an adult (guys 9-16)?