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  • Luckily to be open minded,I do believe that their is life out in space that is yet to be discovered still. I feel like the government is hiding some alien lifeforms from us in area fifty one and that's why they are so protective over it sadly. Then again the human race panics over every little thing usually but I do believe the aliens do exist they just mostly avoid us sense our race is way less beneficial and wise then them. Cool quiz mate.

  • Your Result: God Believing like Sheep

    You are alone in all vast little box under a puppet leader who lead your religion and terrorist group. You will never have the freedom to travels space, have sex with a model, and even must be a ugly and fat person.

    -excuse me? every girl is beautiful, and im super duper skinny. Being a Christian does not mean you are gross and boring. Maybe seems that way to you!!! And why ON EARTH why would i want to have sex with a model? talk about gross! THATS gross! how about my husband, that actually cares about me?! Besides, Christianity is not a religion. It is a belief. Eh, laugh at me now, but someday you'll wish you had've thought otherwise.


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