Do we agree with each other?

So, this quiz was made just for fun. Don't take anything too personally. It's fine if we don't agree on the same things, but I'll be pleased to you if you did.

Filler characters: fffwfmdsfmcrekdcmrekdmcrekdfcmredkmcfreidmcfedomvckefdmcrkefmcrkedcfmr3ewokfdoelfkcreodmcerivmejvevijeorjvrijerjveocrc,rejjfreojfroejfgorg

Created by: QuizCriticWhiz

  1. Anime is awesome
  2. Computer games?
  3. All results have no effect I just wanted to list out colour names thats all.
  4. Dogs are great
  5. Memes...MEMES
  6. I am a mix of deredere, undere, tsundere type B, dandere and darudere.
  7. Onions suck.
  8. All results have no effect.
  9. Horror games and movies are great, even though they kinda scare me.
  10. Weapons are really interesting, I want to know them all!

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