What Roblox Military Tycoon Is Best For You?

There are sooo many war games on Roblox. But, which one is best for YOU? This quiz will tell you what game is the best for YOU! Have fun!!! :) 😎🙂😎🙂

Is the best game the most challenging? Or is it the one where you attack and conquer? You will find out with this quiz! PLEASE comment how you liked my quiz and then, after that, try some of my other quizzes! Have fun! 😎

Created by: Captain Rex
  1. Do you like a challenge
  2. Do you need a LOT of tanks?
  3. Are explosions awesome?
  4. Do you like helicopters or choppers?
  5. Are knives cool?
  6. Do walls kill you?
  7. Do you want special weapons?
  8. What does a rail gun do?
  9. If you have a spring in ur hand, can u jump high?
  10. Finally, do you want to pick a color or get one randomly?

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