Congratulation I think I'm confused hopefully you got a score you were pleased with if not try taking this quiz again thanks for taking my quiz. I've always wanted to make a Hunger Games Quiz, bye for now.

Did you do well, or did you fail completely hope you did well on my test f not try retaking this quiz til you get a sore your pleased with!! Thanks, bye

Created by: Jaci

  1. Why was Cinna whipped and possibly killed?
  2. Why is Haymitch purposely getting drunk and always being miserable?
  3. Easy One! How many districts are there in the end?
  4. How many tributes had the chance to kill Katniss
  5. About how many people were killed in the Hunger Games Trilogy?
  6. How many pets does Prim have? EASY!!
  7. What is the center of the Arena called?
  8. How many family members does Katniss have in the end?
  9. Why does buttercup hate Katniss?
  10. When Peeta joins the Carrer pack who is he really loyal to?
  11. What does Katniss do in her free time?
  12. Who are Katniss's friends in the first book?

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