How well do you know the Hunger Games?

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Hunger Games is of course a spectacular movie!!! It is actually one of the greatest of all time, so if you haven't watched, well, up on those feet and get youself into a movie theater :)

Are you a Hunger Games fan? Take this quiz and find out how much (or how little) you know about the movie. Trust me, this is just a fun quiz, so take it :)

Created by: Amara

  1. What does Gale call Katniss?
  2. Where does Prim get her cheese from?
  3. How many times does Gale's name get entered for the Games?
  4. What does evryone know Katniss as?
  5. What are the tributes in the higher ranking districts called?
  6. What is Katniss' major skill?
  7. What is Haymitch's "good advice" to Peeta and Katniss?
  8. What happened to District 13?
  9. Who is the leader of the Careers?
  10. Who was the last to die?
  11. Easy. Who is Prim?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Hunger Games?