Do You Really Love Justin Bieber?

I really love Justin sooo I made a ten question quiz about him so the world would know true things about him... I love everthing about him and he's so adorable.

Noo not everyone in this world is a genius everyone was born different and a different wayy... A belieber is not perfecto at ecerythind and no one in this world is perfect.

Created by: princess

  1. If you saw Justin Bieber what would you do?
  2. Why do you like Justin Bieber?
  3. What is his fav color?
  4. How old is he?
  5. Can he drive?
  6. What kind of car does he drive?
  7. What is his middle name?
  8. When is his b-day?
  9. What is his fav candy?
  10. What was the 3 years old name that was crying for Justin Bieber?

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Quiz topic: Do I Really Love Justin Bieber?