do you love justin bieber?

justin bieber.....everyone has heard of him....and his bieber fever!!!!do you have bieber fever..well lets find never know what could happen!!!

do you really know justin may be thinking "yes i know everything"....but thanks to this test we can test that very thought of yours....maybe you do don't!!!

Created by: presley

  1. what was justin bieber's #1 hit song?
  2. where was justin bieber born?
  3. where does justin bieber currently live?
  4. what is justin bieber's favorite number?
  5. what is justin bieber's dog's name?
  6. what is justin bieber's favorite food?
  7. who did justin bieber sign a contract with?
  8. how old was justin bieber when he was discovered?
  9. what color is justin bieber's hair?
  10. who is justin bieber's manager?
  11. who was guest starring in justin bieber's song baby?
  12. what movie did justin bieber guest star in?
  13. which star does justin bieber have a crush on?
  14. which television show did justin bieber guest star on?

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Quiz topic: Do I love justin bieber?