Do You Know Twilight!!!

Some people know a lot about twilight new moon eclipse and breaking dawn but others probaly not that much as the others but if you get a low score that is still ok try reading the books and watching the movie only for proper ages =(

Do you know about twilight? If you do see if you really do if you want to figure that out take this quiz and find out hope for you to have a lot of fun ENJOY!!! I hope you have a great time taking my twilight quiz. Try reading the books too and watching the movie ' twilight'

Created by: crazygirl23

  1. What is Robert pattinsons name in the movie?
  2. Is edward the only vampire?
  3. Who is the author of the twilight sereis?
  4. Is emmet older than edward?
  5. When was Robert pattinson born?
  6. Where is Robert pattinson from?
  7. Who is bellas boyfriend in real life?
  8. Does Robert have a gf?
  9. Does rob like kirsten?
  10. Is rob hot

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