Do They Love You Too

This test was created for guys and girls to see if their admiration has the same feelings in return. You might not get the answer you want, but at least your getting an answer. Just don't take this too seriously, It's just for Laughs and Giggles.

All you have to do is answer the questions as they are asked and be completely truthful, or you wont get the answer your looking for. As a warning, some of the questions are talking about a guy, just pretend it's talking about a girl if your a straight guy. No offense to the gays. But it got personal as i was creating this test. So Good Luck!

Created by: Jennifer

  1. How often do you see each other?
  2. Do You Have A Lot In Common?
  3. How Often Do You Talk On The Phone?
  4. Do Sometimes Notice In The Corner Of Your Eye Them Watching You?
  5. How Many (So Called) Dates Have You Gone On With Them?
  6. If In School- Do You Study Together? If At Work- Do You Work On Projects Together?
  7. Do They Compliment You?
  8. Do They Respect Your Opinions?
  9. Do They Respect You For The Type Of Person You Are?
  10. Do They Talk About You?
  11. Have They Told You They Liked You?
  12. If You Get To His Lunch Spot Before Him, What Does He Do When He Notices You Sitting In His Spot?
  13. Has He Told You That You Are Only Friends?
  14. When They Talk To You, Do They Look You In The Eyes?
  15. Do They Like To Hold Your Hand, Hug, Or Put Their Arm Around You?

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