Are You an Expert Lemming Spotter

This quiz was created specifically for those individuals who dislike Rachael Ray and more particularly, her fan base, who are called Lemmings. They seem to share certain personality and physical traits in common other than their blind devotion to their queen, Rachael Ray.

Are you Smarter than a Lemming? Can you spot a lemming with the eyes of an expert? If you think so, be dared to take this quiz and see if you can really spot a lemming like a pro. Only a true Suxter will be able to pass this test.

Created by: paulybruskin

  1. Favorite Drink
  2. They Can't Spell
  3. Most Distinctive Physical Characteristic
  4. Lemmings love to vacation in
  5. Their Favorite National Holiday Falls on:
  6. On TV, Lemmings Like to Watch
  7. They Place Their Garbage In
  8. Favorite Form of Entertaining
  9. Lemming Typical Habitat
  10. For a Last Meal, a Lemming Would Choose

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Quiz topic: Am I an Expert Lemming Spotter