How well do you know Rachael

How well do you know me? You know my name is Rachael, that I love my kids, and that I spend way to much time on the internet.But what else do you know about me?

These are a few little tidbits that are not necessarily personal things about me or important things, but fun facts, none the less. And have I hit the minimum requirement of amount of letters to use yet?

Created by: Rachael

  1. How many times have I been married?
  2. Am I dog person or a cat person?
  3. I born and raised in the church and doctrine of:
  4. My favorite color, so much that I'm borderline obsessed, is
  5. My favorite Country music artist is:
  6. My middle initial "O" stands for:
  7. My dream career (before it was Wife & Mom) used to be:
  8. I know how to play
  9. I grew up in:
  10. I am doing this quiz because

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Rachael