Rectardal Jeopardy

This is a quiz exclusively for those who can't stand Rachael but love to hate her. She repeats so many things that everyone should know the answers to these questions.

Do YOU know Rachael Ray? Are you aware of all of her retarded repetitions, lies, innuendos and half-truths? Thanks to this quiz, you can find out jeopardy style.

Created by: pauly

  1. What is Rectal's most vile creation?
  2. Rachael claims this herb is "verdant"
  3. Rachael claims to be
  4. Rachael is married to:
  5. Rachael's grandfather was a
  6. The Yum-o Organization helps
  7. Joy of the Mountain is English for
  8. Rachael has
  9. Rachael claims her Daddy is
  10. Rachael lurves her lil'mister
  11. Rachael makes how many pounds of pasta for two servings
  12. Rachael claims to come from
  13. Average amount of cheese per cup in a thirty minute meal
  14. Rachael's breasts are smaller than

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