Which Figure-Skater are You?

Figure skating is a beautiful and graceful sport. I have chosen 3 figure skaters who skate very differently, Alissa Czisny, Mao Asada, and Rachael Flatt. They all have favors and flaws to their skating, and each one has something to add to the world of skating.

Which one's skating does YOUR personality most represent? Or do you think that you are a mix of all three? See if you are thinking differently from when you started the quiz!!!

Created by: Skyler

  1. You are giving a report in front of a bunch of people. What would you try to do to give it your own personal flair?
  2. Imagine making a dress. Honestly, imagine it. What color would it be and how would you give it its own flair?
  3. How would you describe the way you work?
  4. Think of the most impressive figure skating move to you.
  5. Can you effortlessly pull a crowd to its feet? (Or think you can, anyway)
  6. Pick one fast: Counter clockwise or clockwise?
  7. If you were a skater, what would be your problem spot? (Guess if you have to)
  8. If you got something graded, and then got it back, what would you do when you saw a big 90 percent on it?
  9. Pick the word you like the best here:
  10. Okay honestly, pick which Greek God/Goddess you like the best.

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Quiz topic: Which Figure-Skater am I?