Are you a wannabe-skater?

IN this world, there are many people that pretend to be skaters and there are people that really are skaters. and the people who really are, get annoyed by the wannabes. All the upset people use this here to get a little more relaxed

NOONE KNEW WHO IS A REAL SKATER AND WHO NOT. UNTIL TODAY. A quiz invente by a guy who is also annoyed about wannabes. so please do the quiz and in a few minutes you'll konw what is right and what not.

Created by: Tomate Radieschen
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do People that are or pretend to be skaters tell you that you are a wannabe?
  2. Do you skate?
  3. Do you wear clothing by skating-brands without skateing?
  4. When you see a skater do you think he's cool or lame?
  5. Do you have friends that are respected in the "Skate-Scene"?
  6. Is a bunnyhop a trick on the skateboard?
  7. Do you have a problem with getting hurt
  8. Do you think it was wrong to do this test?
  9. was that sure not a lie?

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Quiz topic: Am I a wannabe-skater?