Are you a good skater

There are many good skaters,but few are not that into skateboarding. After all theres so many people and places that are skater haters and F**K them for that but theres still skaters out there making it happen. So can I get a HOOT-HOOT.

Hey dude just take this quiz to determine how skater are you. Just do it you know you want to so yeah go for it you skater dudes now now now or else i will be forced to do nothing.

Created by: julius
  1. Out of these trick how many can you land: ollie,kickflip,heelflip,treflip,laserflip,and hardflip
  2. how often do you skate
  3. Whats your best trick
  4. How did you get into skating
  5. Do you?
  6. How long have you been skating
  7. How many bones have you broken
  8. What would you rather perfer drinking while skating
  9. Why do you skate
  10. Do you ever skate alone
  11. Which of these words do you say most often

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Quiz topic: Am I a good skater