How good at skateboarding are you?

This is a quiz for all of you skaters out there. It shows who's a poser, and who's has the right to call themselves a skater. Take this quiz to see how good you are at skateboarding.

This quiz consists of multiple choice question that test your skills, and preference. It asks you what you can do and what type of skating you prefer.

Created by: Logan
  1. Can you ollie?
  2. Can you kickflip?
  3. Can you varial?
  4. How many stairs can you do?
  5. Can you tre flip?
  6. Can you do the Oberon Ledge?
  7. Who's your favorite skater?
  8. what kind of deck do you prefer?
  9. how many tricks can you do?
  10. How many deck's can you ollie?
  11. What kind of rails do you prefer?

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Quiz topic: How good at skateboarding am I?