How Skater Are You?

Skateboarding has started in the 50s and has evolved throughout life up until now. It has gotten much more popular through the years. Skating is different in other peoples' eyes.

Are you a skater? Do you know some of skateboarding's past? Find out here how much of a skater are you just by taking this quiz. You could do good because you know a lot about skateboarding or You could do bad, maybe because you're new to it or you are just a plain ol' poser, at least in my head.

Created by: Randy
  1. Who had the highest ollie recorded?
  2. How much do you skate?
  3. Who started Baker Skateboards?
  4. Does it matter what skaters wear?
  5. What type of music do you listen to?
  6. Tight Pants?
  7. What trick is it when you board does a kickflip with a 360 degree spin?
  8. What do you consider yourself to be (honestly)
  9. Fav Bands
  10. Freestyle, Vert ,Street or ,Innovative

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Quiz topic: How Skater am I?