are you a skater or a couch potato???

skatebording is a worldwide hobby and sport. it is great exercise and very enjoyable but dont think you can just grab a board and give it a go, there are a few basic things you might want to know first.

is skateboarding the thing for you? do you know your tricks from flips and skater from roller blader? this could be the gateway to a great ambition who knows where this could lead and just because of this little quiz. although dont be disapointed if it doesnt turn out quite that way.

Created by: emily
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  1. if you did an ollie on a skateboard what would you have done?
  2. if you did a nose grind what would you have done?
  3. if your skateboard had loose bearings would you be able to...
  4. which of the following is not a skateboarding company?
  5. which of these is not a proffesional female skater?
  6. which of these is a leading skateboard magazine?
  7. which of these titles belong to a tony hawk skateboarding game?
  8. when you do a grab trick do you?
  9. when you go down a ramp from the top what is it called?
  10. which of the people are not pro skaters?

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Quiz topic: Am I a skater or a couch potato???