What Skateboarder are you?

This is just something that is kinda dumb. It decides what skateboarder you are. just give it a try. try skating decide what skater you are by taking this quiz it will be alot of fun are you a real skater

Are you a good skater do you know your stuff what professional skateboarder do you most closely compare with.find out who you are find out if you should be even skating

Created by: Evan Larson
  1. Do you rather fly over stairs or fly high in the halfpipe?
  2. Who trefliped the big 4
  3. What type of cloths do you wear?
  4. Best trick you know
  5. What music do you listen to
  6. favorite skater
  7. Do you believe in santa
  8. What grades do you get
  9. Can you skateboard
  10. Do you have a promblem with bickers or roller bladers

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Quiz topic: What Skateboarder am I?