Are You A Wild Cat Expert?

Many people do not know much about endangered wild cats. Are you one of the few experts? Find OUT by taking this challenging quiz! Are You Absolutely and expert or Absolutely NOT?

Are YOU a Wild Cat EXPERT? Find out by taking this fascinating interactive quiz so you can See if you are scientifically classified as a TRUE Wild Feline EXPERT. This Is something you can BRAG about! Find Out!

Created by: Big Bad Ron
  1. What is the largest wild cat species?
  2. What is the largest lion subspecies?
  3. How fast can cheetahs run?
  4. What is the most endangered wild cat subspecies?
  5. How many tiger subspecies have become extinct?
  6. What is the most endangered wild cat species?
  7. Are cougars classified as small or large cats?
  8. Are Snow Leopards a subspecies of leopard.
  9. What continent do jaguars thrive on?
  10. Lions are lazy.
  11. What is my favorite wild cat?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Wild Cat Expert?